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 Vane Stain™

                                  How To

     Handcraft Your Own Vane Color with Bi-Delta® VANE STAIN™
      Bi-Delta VANE STAIN™ will go hand in hand with arrow wraps and paint dipping,
                   producing stunning arrows by dealer or archer. VANE STAIN™ is
                  available in eight colors and WILL NOT AFFECT Vane ADHESION
            Work with Bi-Delta Vane Stain™ and your vanes at room temperature.
              Place Bi-Delta vane in fletching clamp, apply VANE STAIN
              to vane's base, let the stain penetrate and dry for about two minutes.
              Re-applying stain will deepen the color. 
                        After fletching, apply Vane Stain™ to to outer edges. 


                  Order Bi-Delta Vane Stain - 8 color set or single applicators. 
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