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                                                             Single Fin Target/Mechanical Broadhead Vanes
 Vane Stain™
  The Best Way
 To Fletch Vanes

How To

     Handcraft Your Own Vane Color with Bi-Delta® VANE STAIN™
     Bi-Delta VANE STAIN™ will go hand in hand with arrow wraps and paint dipping in the
               creation of stunning arrows by the dealer or the archer. VANE STAIN™ is
                             available in eight colors and WILL NOT AFFECT Vane ADHESION
            Work with Bi-Delta Vane Stain™ and your vanes at room temperature.
              Place the vanes in the fletching clamps and apply VANE STAIN on the vane's base.
              Let the stain penetrate and dry for about two minutes. Re-applying the stain
              will deepen the color. The material will only absorb so much stain.
                                                                               4" Shark's Tooth with Lightning Sharktreuse™ Vane Stain™
                Run the fletching glue along the vane's base and place it on the shaft.
           After the arrow is fletched and ready to shoot, apply Vane Stain™ to the
             the vane's outer edges. This gives the vanes a stunning halo in natural light.           
             For best visual results, white arrow wraps or white Bohning Fletch-Lac is highly recommended.


           The Bi-Delta 4" Shark's Tooth shaded and highlighted in Grape & Sharktreuse VANE STAIN.
                   Vane Stain work by J. Stachowiak/NY
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           International - 0101-716-896-4734
           Bi-Delta® Vanes & Archery Products
           25 Dempster St.
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