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Bi-Delta REVIEWS  
 Beau Durham of Atlanta, Georgia called in a respectable 6x6 with a P&Y score of 287 1/2.
The Elk was hunted in the St. Joe National Forest in Snow Peak, Idaho. Beau's complete archery
outfit was shipped to Georgia from Bi-Delta Vanes & Archery Products, ready to sight in.
Beau made the 41 yard shot with a Forge Bow, model CW 33, Carbon Express Terminator 6075 
fletched with Bi-Delta 4" 3-D Hunter vanes and tipped with a  Carbon Express 90 grain First Cut broadhead. Beau said, "Thanks for your expertise." I say, "Thank You Beau." Picture 3, Row 1
Joe, Thanks for all your help. Couldn't have done it without
you. C. Beyer/Gr. Is., N.Y. Picture 4, Row 10.
Bi-Delta 4" Hunter in Africa:
Joe, this Blue Wildebeest was shot at 25 yards in Ellisras South
Africa this April 2009. It will rank #7 in the SCI book...Al
Picture 5, Row 9.

Hi Bi-Delta Team!

I want you to realize that last year, I would score in the lower third of the class and was not considered a potential threat by anyone. This year (since September) I’ve changed my shooting style, bow, arrows, release, everything, and started soaring! I managed silver (2nd) place for the regional field (only four regions in the country!) with the Bi-Delta 2.5 inch Shark's Tooth vanes on Nano-XR’s. People are starting to think my successes and quick progress have something to do with the vanes (which might very well be the case, for my arrows fly very true, and when extracting them from the target, you can feel they’re ‘drilled’ in, proving that my arrow was rotating fast on impact.). The vanes appear  to withstand extreme beating: Pass-through’s through straw targets (Getting stuck in the middle), other arrows hitting them, heat (103 F in blazing sunshine), cold (snow), even an underwater experience (Ducks in a 3D course!). They just keep going. I’m confident in their ability to stabilize my arrows under any circumstance!

Best Regards, B. Heuvel/Netherlands

Hi Bi-Delta,
I went to the range on Sunday and tested the Bi-Delta 4" Shark's Tooth Low Profile and they fly PERFECT!!!  I'm shooting bullet holes with my recurve 20 to 100 Meters. You have the BEST Vanes and I am your loyal customer!!!!!
PS: I fletched your Bi-Delta 4" Shark's Tooth vanes on yellow wraps and just a bare shaft and they are impossible to tear off !!!  I am a VERY SATISFIED customer of Bi-Delta Rain Vanes also. They are THE TOUGHEST.  Taras Brudnyy/RENTON, WA
Just wanted to let you know. This weekend I became champion of the Dutch Northern District (4 districts in the country). I shot 2314 X7 shafts with the Bi-Delta 4" Shark's Tooth vanes.  Next stop is the national championships. I want to thank you for helping me get to the podium with your great product! Take care, Bart Heuvel/Netherlands
Hey Joe, just dropping you an e-mail to let you know I put another one in the record books with your product!!!!   I just came back from Texas on a hog and exotic hunt and put a Corsican Ram down with a 2-1/2 inch Sharks Tooth and Grim Reaper.  Total penetration!!!!!  You can go on www.bowhuntersparadise.com and look in the hunters success of 2008 in the Feb. listing and see me with my ram.  It has 30 long horns, 32 inches between tips and almost 8 inch bases!!!  I am on the 3rd row down, from Carlyle, Il. We were shooting in his backyard and everyone was impressed with how little drop and drift the broadheads had compared to theirs at the same distance. They are without question looking at your product for their setups also. Just dropping you a note on such a great product and keep up the great work. Can't wait for next season already. Brett Haas/Carlyle, Il. 
The guy on left is Kirk Dale he's the customer that had me order the Bi-Delta 2.5" Shark's Tooth vanes. This robin hood happened while sighting in with the new vanes. Randal/Randal's Archery-Coloma, MI.
I couldn't be happier with the 2.5" Shark's Tooth vanes. They work great, fly straight, and are very cool looking. I've been shooting them for years now. Everywhere I go, I get asked about them. Chris Smith/Delaware
Hi, my name is Chris, I've been shooting your 2.5" Shark's Tooth vanes and I love them. I know your web site says up to 100 grain broad heads for the 2.5" Shark's Tooth vanes but they also work very well with 125 grain Razorbak broadheads. C. Scheitrum/Pottsville, PA.
Hi Joe. I just want to thank you for all your help in setting me up this year with my
Forge Bow and especially my Bi-Delta Vaned arrows.  Bi-Delta is
the only way to go if you ask me. I've never met a person who has as
much knowledge in the art of bow hunting as you do!  I'll let you know
that I will refer all my fellow bow hunting friends to you!
Thanks Again. Mike Keggler/Alden, N.Y. Row 10, Picture 1.
Hi Joe.
I told you I'd let you when I got my first deer.
Got her at 20 yards from the tree stand in the woods behind the house my third day out.
Thanks to my two Bi-Delta 2.5" Shark's Tooth vanes on my carbon arrows and the 
awesome little Forge Nimrod at 38 pounds you set me up with. 
Mike said you would enjoy hearing about it, I definitely have the fever now.
Mike got his this morning from the same tree stand (2 days after me!) :
7 points. Boy -- am I glad that deer came by for him!!
So was he I'm sure -- can't have the "new hunter" old lady beating you out too badly!!
Thanks for everything. Martha Bouquin & Mike Jay/West Falls, N.Y. Row 10, 2nd & 3rd.

I've  been shooting Bi-Delta 2.5" Shark's Tooth vanes for years.  I put them on ACC
349 arrows and combined them with Rocket Steelhead 100's or Miniblasters
depending on what I'm hunting.  I have killed Canadian Moose, Rocky Mt Elk,
Quebec Caribou, Black Bear, Whitetail, Bighorn, Mountain Goat, and Antelope
using these vanes.  Lately, I've used the Bi-Delta two vane configuration with the
Whisker Biscuit and find this to be a deadly combination.  I can shoot sub 6"
groups at 80 yards.
  It is the only vane I plan to use for a long time, thus
the large order.  Thanks for this great product! Louie Kitcoff/Greenwood, Indiana. Louie's 2006 Indiana Whitetail - Row 9, Picture 4.

Hello - Just returned from an archery elk hunt here in Arizona. I shoot a Bowtec Liberty at 70 lbs/30 inches, Easton 2512 xx78's with 100 grain Magnus Stinger 4 blade broadheads. I fletched them with 4 fletch 2.5 inch sharks tooth vanes right helical. They fly like darts! The arrow blew completely thru the elk at 53 yards. Thanks for a great product! I have been working with Dick Tone from Cavalier Archery as my personal coach (I'm also his taxidermist). They have been working with aeronautical engineers on wing/vane design and found the leading edge shape/design of the vane does most of the flight control work. I took that info and went to the Bi-Delta 2.5 inch Shark's Tooth with 4 fletch on a cavalier avalanche fall away rest and found it will stabilize the largest broadheads. I am shooting this setup at approx 270 FPS with the heavy arrows. KE is great as the elk found out.

First picture, row 7.

Thanks Again. Greg/AZ

I started using your Bi-Delta Vanes last year and had nothing but success with them. I bought enough for me and my hunting partner. It was like are own little secret. There was no mistaking our arrows from the same old style that everyone and there brother uses. We shot several deer last year and it became second nature for us to take 40+ yard shots without even thinking about it. Our groups are as tight at 40 yards as they are at 20 yards.

We both shoot Mathews bows and give them a lot of credit. But with the Bi-Delta 2.5" Shark's Tooth vanes, the performance of our bows really showed.
We also shoot with the Whisker Biscuit and we are a little nervous on trying 0nly two 2 1/2'' vanes. and decided not to change since we are shooting so good. Here is a picture of the big eight pointer I shot last year with your product. Row 9, picture 3. This year we will send you pictures of our harvest in the field with your product. I never thought these arrow vanes would make such a difference. Thanks for everything. Joe Farley/Indiana

Hello - I just returned from a Safari to Namibia, Africa. I have used your vanes exclusively for many years and they work great. The best thing I have found is I can shoot a larger broadhead at a faster speed with no ill effects. I currently shoot a BowTech Tribute at  74 lbs with Easton Full Metal Jacket 300 arrows, Magnus 150 grain 4 blade broadheads at 282 FPS. I shoot the 2.5" Shark's Tooth 4 fletched and accuracy is the best I could ask for. I shot a springbuck at 18 yards, 51" Kudu bull at 23 yards, warthog at 30 yards and a huge blue wildebeest at 34 yards. All were pass thru's except the Blue Wildebeest. Thanks for putting out a great product. The trend towards short but small vanes shows the rest of the archery world what you guys have known about for along time. They work. Guys look at me funny when they see them, but get quiet when they see them fly! Especially with a large fixed broadhead. The springbuck was intercepted by a Cheetah as soon as I hit it. That is why the shoulder is gone. SEE PICTURES - Row 8, 4th and 5th pictures. Row 9, 1st and 2nd. 

Thanks Again. Greg McBride/Queen Creek, AZ

First off I like to say that these are no gimmick. They shoot great. I just received some of the Shark Tooth vanes yesterday and had the chance to try them out today. I'm impressed. I'm getting some of the best groups out to 40 yards of my 10 years shooting a bow. With my Rage broadheads, they hit right with my field points. These are also some very strong vanes too. Today, I shot about 60-70 shots and some of them went through the hay bale so I thought maybe they would wrinkle a bit, but to my surprise, they didn't wrinkle or anything like that. They still look the same.  I've found my vanes of choice, BI-Delta Vanes. Oh, by the way I'm shooting the 2.5" Shark Tooth. Can't wait to go hunting!   Minnesota Bowhunter  

I have been using the Bi-Delta Vanes for about 6 years now and love them. They've always performed well for me. As for the Bi-Delta 2-vanes system using 2 of the 2.5" Shark's Tooth vanes, I've been using this method for about 1 year and it works marvelously. I am actually going to use this method for my Sept. Elk Hunt in OR. I have been shooting this system with the Razorcaps for the past 2 weeks and it shoots great. People would be surprised on how great it flies. DMP/Louisiana 

I am just someone who has tried and stuck with Bi-Deltas and the concept of the two fletch.  Also, my positive experience with them...both for 3D and hunting with the Whisker Biscuit....and everyone has got to try them! Lighter arrow, tighter groups, no speed loss down range like the Quick Spins. Travels flawlessly through the Whisker Biscuit with no vane distortion, wrinkling, and zero speed loss. The best I have used in conjunction with the Whisker Biscuit. Durable and does not tear like other vanes. Great Customer Service. Sean Christopher - Western New York

I need to shoot them in the wind to see how they work. That is why I like the Bi-deltas they fly great in the wind. Only time will tell how the bohning vanes do. I want to try them with some G5 fixed blades. D. D. Daily - Mesa Arizona

I am going to stick with the same vane I have used for years, Bi-Delta but going with the 4 inch Shark's Tooth this time on Beman 400 shafts with white wrap and white vanes... Works good lasts a long time... Arkansas Archer - Jacksonville, Arkansas

I have shot a few different vanes through my Whisker Biscuit and what I found to be the most accurate and the most DURABLE were Bi-Delta vanes. They showed no wrinkling or wear through many shots. If you think about it, it makes sense. Instead of one long (4 or 5 inch) vane going through the biscuit and getting bunched and caught up, it is like having 2 small vanes going through the biscuit=less resistance and less contact. I believe that Carolina Archery suggests Bi-Delta vanes for their Whisker Biscuits along with a few others. Sean Christopher - NY

One vane I might suggest, is the one I've been using for yrs it's called Bi-Delta vanes they come in 2.5 inch they are the ones that are "missing" in the middle LOL I use the hunter style which is rounded, my partner who also has used them for yrs prefers the Sharks Tooth which is pointed on the end not rounded. I fletch mine with a thickness of the vane offset, I have no problems shooting 10-60 yds with broadheads or field points. BTW my broadhead of choice? 125 gr snuffer. Traditional Shooter - The island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii.

Talked to you yesterday about my order and was able to test out your product today at the range.
I shot around with the Bi-Delta 2.5'' Shark's Tooth vane and the Bi-Delta 4'' Shark's Tooth. They both shot good, but the 4'' really worked excellent for the set up I have on my bow. I was really impressed. At 20 yards I put 6 in a row dead center time after time. I think the 4'' is the way to go for me.
Once again I would like to thank you for coming out with such a good product and making my grouping that much tighter. Thanks Again.  Joe Farley/NY
A Traditional Archer Says:
Dear Bi-Delta,
I just read about a vane of yours in Peterson's Bowhunting
called the rain vane that's supposed to work on a traditional
bow.  Is this true, and how do I buy some to try?  I have a rest
on my recurve but even so it doesn't shoot regular vanes very
well. Thanks. G. Stoneberg/CA
And Later:                                                                                                           
Joe, I like the concept of the Bi-Delta Rain Vane Feather-Like a lot and it seems to work pretty well.
I still use feathers when its nice, but it sure is slick to have something that shoots well and is low maintenance in the rain. Between now and rifle season (which is right in the middle of the rut here) I will try to get out every time the weather is bad.  My best bucks always come in the rain or snow. 
Thanks, G. Stoneberg/CA
Dear Bi-Delta. Hello my name is Andrew Perkins, from Linton, In.... I was introduced to your Bi-Delta vanes last week and fell in love with them,. I carry a 299 avg. with about 50 x's. I'm looking forward to uping my avg with your product.  Thanks again for such a great vane. A. Perkins/Illinois
Hi I was wondering the best way to fletch the Bi-Delta 4" Sharks Tooth vanes in a jojan strait clamp fletching jig and by the way I have shot your other Bi-Delta vanes for a few years now and they are my pick. Archers want to try them after they see me group at 70 yards. Josh Bryant/Mountain City, Tenn.
Joe, Received the Bi-Delta vanes today. Could not wait to fletch some arrows. Fletched up a couple arrows and I love the way they shoot. Thanks, Chad/Spring Valley Archery, NY
Joe...............got my Bi-Delta vanes this afternoon, fletched up 2 arrows and took some shots, dead bulls cold out of my bow at 20 and 30 yards great performance and I couldn't be happier, thanks again for all the help. Thanks, Rocco/Paris, Tenn.
 Hi Joe
I am not sure what they hunt in Malaysia , but the guy I sell the Bi-Delta 3" Hyper Delta to is a FITA Shooter. We use the Bi-Delta 3" Hyper vanes fletched  75 X 105 degrees with great success on our small diameter arrows for long distance shooting. Thanks, Stewart Bowman/Accu-Riser Bows 
Hi Joe.
I am a believer.  Yes! Yes! I believe in your design.  Viva Bi-Delta!  My groups got tighter, and the number of aspirin tablets I hit increased by 6.  I just cannot believe that vanes could make such a difference. 
Concerning the pack of Bi-Delta vanes in which you sent me, they are almost depleted since I had to give them away to friends and family.  I could not refuse their requests. 
I will tell you something you would not believe pertaining to your vanes.  Recall those three arrows in which I just could not group.  Well, I removed the old vanes and replaced them with Bi-Delta vanes.  It worked.  They easily grouped along with the other 28 arrows. Thanks Joe, Vincent N. First picture.

Joe, I have been shooting with Bi-Delta vanes for over a year now. A good friend of mine, Chuck Trate, turned me on to them when I was having trouble getting the perfect arrow set-up for my bow. We both use them for 3-D and hunting. I have been buying them from a local archery supply, but they don't always have the colors and styles, so I figured I would go directly to you guys and get what I want. Thanks, Walter Srebalus/PA

Hey Joe, Thanks for the email ! I'm learning all the time so far I've been shooting Easton Axis and Carbon revolution-In one afternoon I've turned a lot of heads w/your Bi-Delta vanes (both looks & performance)!!! Cary Acker/Sterling, VA.

Hi Joe. I just finished working with your Bi-Delta Vane Stain. I have to tell you, there is nothing as good as my custom stained Bi-Delta Ghost vanes in natural light, simply stunning. J. Stachowiak/NY

Hey Joe: I would like to thank you for what you accomplished in vane technology. I am a bowhunter a and 3-D archer who appreciates shooting an arrow that is going to hit it's mark shot after shot. Enclosed is a picture of November 10th buck. Thanks for a quality vane that makes me a more confident archer. D. Nelson/Lowry City, MO. First picture row 4.

Dear Bi-Delta: I've hunted with the Bi-Delta 2.5" Shark's Tooth vanes over the past two years. They increased my arrow speed 5 feet per second. I shoot a High Country Excalibur and  Beman Hunter arrows with Rocket Miniblasters at 74 Lbs. At 305 fps, this set up has been deadly for me on both the hunting and 3-D range. This is a Colorado Bighorn Sheep from area 32. This Ram scored 142.5 P&Y. The shot was a complete pass through at 48 yards. Thanks for your help over the years. Louie Kitcoff/Brownsburg, Indiana. Row 2 second picture.

Dear Joe, You were right about the Bi-Delta Shark's Tooth vanes. I'm using Beman 40/60 shafts and Wasps SST heads. I've never used a straighter flying, flatter shooting combo. These Bi-Delta vanes really make a huge difference in my broadhead flight. Enclosed is a picture of my 150 class Buck. Row 2, 4th picture. Thanks for recommending and making such fine fletching. Jim Slivinski/Cudahy, Wis. 

Dear Sirs: Here is a picture of a 600 Lb Russian Boar. Row 5, picture 6. Your Bi-Delta vanes played a major roll in my success. Thanks again. Dante Danesi/Port Chester, NY.

Dear Joe, This is Rick Schikora with his Bi-Delta Musk Oxen. Row 2, 3rd picture. Needless to say, the owner is happy with the results. He hunted Munivak Island in Alaska. He is a finger shooter. Sincerely, Del & Marlene DeMeritt/Fox Sports Den - Fairbanks, Alaska.

Hey Joe, We just love your Bi-Delta vanes. We've taken several big game animals using Bi-Delta vanes with our Thunderhead broadheads. They always fly true. Here is a picture of my nice Pronghorn. Row 5, picture 3. Jess Knerr/Roy, Montana.

Bi-Delta: I've used your Bi-Delta vanes for years and I find them to be the best fletching system that I have ever used. After winning the Alaska State title and downing this Caribou at 48 yards using Bi-Delta vanes, I have to say to you: Keep up the good work and you can feel proud of manufacturing such a fine product. Mike Webster/Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Row 3, picture 2.

Joe, Enclosed, a picture of my 98' bull. Haven't put a tape on him yet. I'm guessing about 380 gross, maybe 350 net. Row 7, picture 3. Bi-Delta vanes worked out great giving me top-notch arrow flight. Shot my bull at 60 yards, perfectly. Shot my best Whitetail ever in Iowa. Row 6, picture 1.  We put a tape on him, 155 3/8 gross, 149 1/4 net. Talk to you again soon, Pat Meitin/ New Mexico

Hello Joe, The Bi-Delta Rain Vane Feather-Likes are a great idea. We have fletched up 1/2 dozen arrows and shot them with good results. We just need some Rain! Thanks, Roger/Black Widow Bows

Dear Mr. Salamone, Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about your product. It was great hearing your insight and tricks. I look forward to trying them. Enclosed, is a picture of a Buck I took using your Bi-Delta Shark's Tooth vanes. Thank You, Eric Allison/Meadowview, VA. Row 7, picture 4.

Dear Joe, I took this Caribou at 40 yards with your Bi-Delta vanes and a Jackhammer on a 2213 shaft. Great vanes! L D Peoples, Grand Rapids, MI. Row 6, picture 2.

Dear Joe, On behalf of the 2nd and 5th grade classes at Charles Upson Elementary School I would like to thank you very much for your Bi-Delta Vane Archery Program of June 4, 2001. It was very informative and very interesting. The students learned a lot and they especially enjoyed a chance to try the bow and arrow. Archery is something that is not taught in the elementary school and just having the exposure offers the children another sport to think about and perhaps pursue. Again I thank you for coming and sharing your time and talent with us. Virginia Mulvey/Physical Education/Lockport, NY. Row 8, picture 1.

Hey Joe. Here is a picture of nice Ram I took with Bi-Delta vane's 4" Hunter 3-D here in Hawaii. Keep up the good work. Rick Cramer/Hawaii. Row 8, picture 2

A local archery shop tried to switch me to another brand vane. I told him, "No way." The Bi-Delta 2.5 inch Shark's Tooth vanes group my New Archery Products Spitfires superbly out to 60 yards. B. Pinnavaia/N.Y. Row 8, picture 3.

I've  never needed another vane. Now you come out with the Rain Vane Feather-Like. Being skeptical, I called and requested to try the Rain Vanes as I shoot directly off the shelf on both recurves and longbow. With just a couple of cuts on the molded indents I have never been happier with the Rain Vane, no more worrying about the feathers getting wet. These are great. Sticbow/Oahu, Hawaii 

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Single Fin Target/Mechanical Broadhead Vanes

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