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                                                             Single Fin Target/Mechanical Broadhead Vanes
 Vane Stain™
  The Best Way
 To Fletch Vanes
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Bi-Delta® 4" Jet™               


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Bi-Delta® 4" SHARK'S TOOTH™
A devilish style for a Broadhead Vane, referred to by bowhunters as
Bi-Delta's cool vane. 
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Bi-Delta® 4" HUNTER 3-D
                       hown with applied VANE STAINin Flo Lime halo.
 A parabolic Broadhead Vane that guides mechanical and
 fixed blade heads.
 ORDER Bi-Delta 4" Hunter 3-D
Bi-Delta® 2.5" SHARK'S TOOTH™
                   Shown with applied VANE STAIN in Sharktreusehalo.                                                                                        
A fabulous flying high rudder Broadhead Vane for your 
mechanical and low profile fixed blade heads up to
up to 100 grains.
You are technically shooting a vented 1.9" vane. Also
a great choice for your 3D archery vanes. 
ORDER Bi-Delta 2.5" Shark's Tooth
BBW -  Broadhead Blade Width should NEVER EXCEED the
           width of your fletched vanes. See picture below.
 Broadhead is less than the width of the fletched vanes.
  Shoot just two 2.5" Shark's Tooth Vanes
 Fletched helical at 90 degrees. Great for indoors
 3-D, and mechanical broadheads. Bi-Delta's "Two Shark's Tooth"
 vane concept Slices Two Air Paths, increases the percentage of 
 Front-Of-Center on the complete arrow. One 2.5" vane
 slips through a Whisker Biscuit.
 Turn your nock and slip just one 2.5" Shark's Tooth through the biscuit.
         Bi-Delta® 3" Hyper Delta™           
 Bi-Delta 3" Hyper Delta also guides mechanical
 heads like the Rockets, First Cut (expandable), Rocky Mountain
 Revolution, Snyper and Grim Reaper-like broadheads.
 The AVLM is 1.5 inches.
  ORDER Bi-Delta Hyper Delta
           Bi-Delta® Plains Vane™
ORDER Bi-Delta Plains Vane
Bi-Delta® 4" RAIN VANE™ Feather-Like™
              New Softer Material
I designed the Rain Vane for the Traditional Bowhunter. 
Having to steam your feathers back into shape after a snowy
or rainy bowhunt can be tiresome. The Rain Vane is waterproof and shoots nice. 
You can save your feather-fletched shafts for dry weather hunts.
The RAIN VANE™ has micro cuts along the high points of the vane.
If the vane comes in contact with the arrow rest or bowshelf, the 
micro cuts will flex and separate after a few shots.
ORDER Bi-Delta Rain Vane Feather-Like
SHOOTING The Bi-Delta Rain Vane™ Feather-Like™ OFF THE SHELF:
Set your nocks so one vane is up when your arrow is on your bow string.
Open the micro cuts on the right hen vane only. This is the vane that may 
ride the inside of the shelf.  
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