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                                                             Single Fin Target/Mechanical Broadhead Vanes
 Vane Stain™
  The Best Way
 To Fletch Vanes
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Email your order to bideltavanes@aol.com requesting PayPal for your payment.
You will receive a PayPal invoice that will include shipping and insurance. If you do not use PayPal, request check
or money order as your payment method.
Bi-Delta Vane Models                  13 pk              38pk       You  Can Mix Your Colors 
All 4" except Rain Vane™                    5.95                16.80       
2.5" Shark's Tooth, 3" HD                    4.50                 11.80                        
4" Rain Vane™/Feather-Like™         6.40                 17.50
5" Plains Vane™ Traditional              6.40                 17.50 
Bi-Delta Single Fin Target Vane Models 
Bi-Delta Heater Vane™ 50 Pack - $9.00 
Models 525 and 530. 
Bi-Delta  Igniter Vane™50 Pack - $9.00 
Model 540 
Bi-Delta Missile Vane™50 Pack - $9.00 
Model  525
Bi-Delta Vanes Are Proudly Made In The USA.                                                        
Bi-Delta Vane Stain™ applicators    ea./ 5.00 
Complete Set of  the 8 Bi-Delta Vane Stain colors - $38.00
Note: Each applicator will stain 100's of vanes.
Bi-Delta Vane Stain  is formulated to penetrate Bi-Delta vane material and 
will not rub off or affect adhesion. 
ALL Bi-Delta vane colors can be stained. 
Click "  Vane Stain "  for more info.
Bi-Delta® Vane StainColors:  
Lightning Sharktreuse
Flo Orange
Blue Lightning
Flame Red
Shocking Pink
Flo Lime
Bi-Delta® Vane Colors 
  1oz Bottle Applicator - $9.99, 2oz - $16.99
  Bi-Delta Vanes are custom vanes made to order. Colors may change at any time.
Shipping Cost                      Service                                                              Area                   Quantity 
     $3.50 to 1lb                     1st class parcel & confirmation              USA                300/4" or 400/2.5", 3"
      6.95 to 1lb                       Priority                                                                USA               500/4" or 1000/2.5", 3"
      5.70 to 1lb                      Air  Parcel                                                        Canada         100/4" or 200/2.5", 3"
     12.00                                Priority International                                   Canada          500/4" or 1000/2.5", 3" 
     14.00                                Priority International                 All Other Countries     500/4" or 1000/2.5", 3" 
     20 Lbs and up, you will receive an estimate.                                   
Orders paid by United States Bank Checks, Money Orders or PayPal are shipped
in 24-48 hours. Orders paid by personal check will ship in 3 to 5 business days.
Orders to Europe will receive an estimate that includes insurance via US Postal
Express or US Global International. 
Email your order to bideltavanes@aol.com requesting payment choice. 
Dealers Invited: Please send your requests to the email below. NYS dealers,
                          include Form ST - 120 (Resale Certificate). If you do not
                          have one, a copy can be emailed to you.
Phone - 716-896-4734, 10am - 5pm M-S
International - 0101-716-896-4734
Bi-Delta® Vanes & Archery Products
25 Dempster St.
Buffalo, New York, 14206-1307
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