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                                                             Single Fin Target/Mechanical Broadhead Vanes
 Vane Stain™
  The Best Way
 To Fletch Vanes
 The Best Way To Fletch Vanes & AVLM
                                                          AVLM (Actual Vane Length Mass)
           4" Hunter 3-D - 9 grs                                                 3.4"  
           4" Rain Vane Feather-Like™ - 9.5 grs                        3.4"
           5" Plains Vane                                                          
           4" Shark's Tooth™ - 8.5grs                                       3.4" 
           4" Jet 35™ - 7.5 grs                                                 3.3" 
           3" Hyper Delta™ - 5 grs                                            1.5" 
           2.5" Shark's Tooth™ - 4.5 grs                                   1.9" 
  BBW - Broadhead Blade Width should never exceed the width
           of your fletched vanes.


  The following instructions will give you the professional skills needed

  to properly fletch arrow shafts.


  ALL shaft and vane materials along with the finished product are

  handled many times before you receive them. The worker's hands 

  maybe contaminated with hand cream, residue from lunch or tools.

  Remember to be safe when fletching. Have the work area ventilated.

  The use of an organic vapor mask is recommended.


  1.   Rinse the fletching area of the shafts with warm tap water.

            Water will bead up if the area is contaminated.




  2.     Cut a piece of old clean towel. Make sure the towel has not been

          contaminated with fabric softener or perfumed soap. Wet the piece of 

          towel and sprinkle on some Bon Ami cleanser. Ajax will also work.


  3.      Scrub shafts and rinse with very warm water. Check the area.

           The water should sheet around the shaft. Do not wipe dry.

           Shake water off and let them air dry fletch-end over a table edge.




  4.     Place shaft in fletching tool and load the vane in the clamp. 

          Remove any residue from the Bon Ami with a non-lint cloth   

          or paper towel dampen with Denatured  alcohol.

          Do not use rubbing alcohol. Wipe in one direction only.




    5.   Use reasonably fresh fletching adhesive. For carbon, 

          Fast Fletch and other super-type adhesives are used. 

          Aluminum and wood, Bohning Fletch-Tite, Bear-Tite, Saunders and so on. 

          Apply adhesive to the vane's base and place the vane on the arrow shaft.




    6.   In case of pass-through on targets, apply a spot of cement 

          to the tip and rear of the vane. 


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     Single Fin Target/Mechanical Broadhead Vanes

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