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Bi-Delta®, Makers of Custom Broadhead, 3-D and Target Vanes:
         4" Shark's Tooth, 4" Jet 35, 4" Hunter 3-D, 2.5" Shark's Tooth™, 
          3" Hyper Delta, 4" Rain VaneFeather-Like, 5.3" Magnum Bee.
       New Bi-Delta Single Fin Target/Mechanical Broadhead Vane Models
New Bi-Delta Plains Vane - A Wet Weather Vane for Traditional Bowhunters
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 Welcome to Bi-Delta Vane's web site. Arrow vanes for 3-D, broadhead, and target.
 Check out the Bi-Delta Vanes for Carbon Arrows, Aluminum Arrows or WOOD arrows. 
 There is a Bi-Delta vane model for you.
Bi-Delta was the first to reduce vane size to fly broadheads. By the elimination of the vane's center web, Bi-Delta created a "Vented" vane design with several attributes. Less arrow flight drift in a cross wind. This maintains your arrows flight trajectory. Reduced Weight for increased Front Of Center of balance, Arrow Energy and Arrow Speed compared to conventional vanes equal in size. If you fletch helical, you will have Reduced Drag. How? When fletched helical, the Bi-Delta vane design does not assume a total helical. The rear portion of the Bi-Delta vane assumes the helical form and the front portion assumes a straight off set.
Look at the upper left picture at the top of this page. 
Bi-Delta vane material is rugged and has the right amount of rigidity so drag and sound is reduced at higher arrow speeds. Bi-Delta vane material is formulated to adhere with fast-type glues.
Traditional recurve and longbow archers now have a choice. Save the feather-fletched arrows for the good weather hunts and use the Bi-Delta RAIN VANE™ FEATHER-LIKE™  vanes during rainy or snowy wet hunts.  
New vane model for 2012 -  For the Traditional Bowhunter,  the Bi-Delta Plains Vane™. 
The Bi-Delta vane design was legalized by the United States National Archery Association Flight Committee. The late Harold Drake, who is named in the Guinness Book of World Records with arrow flight distances of over one mile, used Bi-Delta vanes to set new World Broadhead Flight records. Shooting carbon arrows fletched with Bi-Delta vanes to guide 125 grain 3 blade broadheads, Mr. Drake's archers set broadhead flight distance records out to 576 and 618 yards.   

Bi-Delta provides specialized arrow fletching designs for various shooting applications. For example : If you are a release aid archer shooting mechanical hunting heads on carbon shafts fletched with conventional 4 inch hunting vanes, you are loosing speed and energy. The Bi-Delta  2.5 inch Shark's Tooth™ is one of the to shoot. Weighing in at 4.5 grains, it guides mechanical heads weighing up to 100 grains. Archers report excellent results using the Bi-Delta 2.5" Sharks' Tooth to guide low profile 100 grain fixed blade broadheads with a blade cut of 1 1/8".  
Review the vane models. Check the AVLM™ (Actual Vane Length Mass) and see that you are actually shooting less vane mass with the Bi-Delta design than a conventional vane equal in
length and height. Please e-mail or call for help  with your hunting vane and or target vane selection.
Check out the instructions on THE BEST WAY TO FLETCH VANES.


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